Below you can find a few examples of my recent work.

Casino game description in order to rank for the game’s name: Casino sample EN / Casino Sample NL

Generic English blog post for SEO purposes: 5 Ingenious Hunting Methods Killer Whales Have Come up With (EN) / 5 geniale jachtmethodes gebruikt door orka’s (NL)

More marketing-focused blog post: 5 Simple Ideas to Increase Your Revenue With Behavioral Customer Segmentation (EN) / 5 tips voor meer inkomsten met klantensegmentatie op basis van gedrag (NL)

Articles for sale

I have some articles for sale at Constant Content under my pen name John Winkels. Feel free to take a look at them to see further samples of my writing and/or purchase the articles of interest to you. The Terms of Constant Content do not allow me to sell these existing articles to you directly, but you are free to contact me at sancho@betcontent.be to discuss the writing of similar articles.