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Whether it’s content creation or translation, at BetContent we focus heavily on the reader experience. Writing and translating is not a job that should be done on autopilot. The message and intended target heavily influence the way any job is handled.

BetContent, as its name implies, has a specialty in the betting industry. I however also have experience with the broad gaming industry (video games, esports, etc.) and entertainment industry. We are also open to translating and producing content for non-specialized topics. Even if I determine I am not the perfect match for the job you have in mind, chances are I know a colleague who is.


Language sets

We create content in English and Dutch.

We provide translations for the following language sets:

  • Dutch to English (NL -> EN)
  • English to Dutch (EN -> NL)
  • French to Dutch (FR -> NL)
  • French to English (FR -> EN)
  • German to Dutch (DE -> NL)
  • German to English (DE -> EN)

A little about me

I was born and raised in Belgium and am as such a native Dutch speaker and writer. I am 75% Belgian and 25% South-African. Through interactions with my grandparents and my interest in languages, I managed to firmly grasp the English language at a young age. I am capable of writing in both British English and American English.

I have a Bachelor in Eastern Languages and Cultures. It is through these studies that I have come to realize that translating is more than translating sentences. It is about translating the intended message, even if you need to adjust the actual text slightly to do so. The target of a text is vital too. Writing a text for a potential customer, an employee, the press or a friend should result in a different tone of voice for optimal effect. Although my Chinese is now a little too rusty to accept jobs for this language, these core values about translating and content creation stuck.

The learning material in University for learning Chinese was in French. I also have quite a few years of experience working for French speaking companies. This means I am capable of translating even complex French texts. However, I choose not to translate TO French as I insist all my texts sound natural as if produced by a native speaker.

Scope of work

I had a career of over 6 years at a casino, poker, and sports betting site. Despite this specialty, I am happy to accept jobs outside of the betting industry. Just let me know what you have in mind and we will determine together if we are a good match for each other.

In this regard, you may have noticed that this pageis largely about one person but still sometimes utilises the plural form. That is because I have many contacts within the industry I often work together with.

I only want to provide top-notch work. If I am unable to do ensure this for the job you have in mind, I may just know a colleague who can. For package deals, I can even arrange for translations outside of my own area of expertise.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more info with your text, assignment or project – without any obligations.

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Samples/articles for sale

I have some articles for sale at Constant Content under my pen name John Winkels. Feel free to take a look at them to see some samples of my writing and/or purchase the articles of interest to you. The Terms of Constant Content do not allow me to sell these existing articles to you directly, but you are free to contact me at to discuss the writing of similar articles. For casino content and Dutch samples, please visit my portfolio.